Chess Club




Welcome to the Tulsa Chess Club.

Competition begins Saturday, January 21st @ 12pm - 4pm

Event will include a bracket style tournament and a free-play tournament

Bracket Tournament - All competitors will be matched by admins on a bracket. The winner of each match will advance until there are only two players left. The two players will compete for the 1st place cash prize & 2nd place cash prize. Draw games will rematch.

Free Play Tournament - Competitors will freely compete with any available participants. Players who defeat lower-rated players will receive 1 point, and players who defeat higher-rated players will receive 1.5 points. Draws award 0.5 points to each player. Each player can only play the same opponent a maximum of 2 times. The player/players with the most points at the end of the Free Play Tournament will take/split the Free Play cash prize.

All prize cash is based on the amount of donation cash received by the day of the Tournament. The goal prize amount is $200 to Bracket 1st Place, $100 to Bracket 2nd Place, and $100 to Free Play 1st Place.

The event will include light snacks, drinks, and consistent instrumental music playing throughout the entire event.

Guests are allowed to bring other guests but all players must register in order to play.

Contact King Spencer if you have any questions 918-951-8236


We Appreciate All Who Want To Donate To Our Fundraiser!